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    not sure which test to use with 2nd cycle

    I am having trouble desiding which test to use for my next cycle. I dont know the differences. This is my second cycle and I am deffinetly going to be using four weeks of dbol and 10 weeks of deca . I dont want to use sust again because I dont want to inject three times a week. Although I guess if it really is that much better I would do it again. Right now I am trying to decide between cypionate , enanthate , heytylate, or propionate . I am trying to put on a lot of mass with this next cycle. Also could you list some typical priced for me, I know what to pay for sust, deca, and dbol but not sure what to pay for the others. Thanks for the help guys.

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    With a clasic cycle like that I'd either use cypionate or enanthate

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