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    Finalized my cycle...critque

    I have finalized my cycle.....finally!!

    Week 1-4 Anadrol (Unimed) 50mg/day
    Week 1-15 Test Cyp.(Upjohn) 400mg/week
    Week 1-18 HGH(Serostim) 3iu/ED
    Week 6-15 Primo(Shering) 300mg/week
    Week 9-17 Fina(homemade) 75mg/ED
    Week 17-18 HCG /clomid
    Week 1-18 Arimidex (Zeneca) .25/ED

    Only thing that will probably change is that I'll run the HGH longer, but that's a good thing....

    Stats: 6'3", 220 lbs., 6-7%
    Goal: 6'3", 240-245 lbs., 6%

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    Re: Finalized my cycle...critque

    Originally posted by Diesel1
    Stats: 6'3", 220 lbs., 6-7%
    Goal: 6'3", 240-245 lbs., 6%
    After that cycle, you might look like this :

    6'5", 280 lbs., 6 %

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    Looks good but I might run some HCG during the middle of the cycle. That is a pretty long cycle and I would do some HCG to help the teste's out. Also I dont know if you will get much from 18 weeks of GH From what I hear most say you need atleast 1/2 year to notice anything from it. But I have never done it so I don't know.


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    gh will be effective even when used for 18 weeks, but opt usage would be all year round, but this isnt cost effective, a couple points you might want to consider.

    1. run gh 5 days in a row, then 2 days break, as this is the way it is shown to be most effective, plus the extra days reducing it like this will let you carry on running it for an extra few weeks.

    Ps. what times are going to use it in the day and so on, so peeps can help more

    2. up the anadrol to 100 mg per day after the first few days, maybe to 150 if you feel up to it.

    3. you should be using a little more test in there, up it a little, or even better drop the a-bombs and frontload the test.

    3. dont use the Arimidex unless u see signs of gyno.

    4. wouldnt it be better to use the fina at the beginning of the cycle or middle instead of end, as unless u kno u can tolerate it well, recovery can be hard, and i think u need some winny in there to help with that to.

    5. i have never used hcg but i know for sure you dont run it along with clomid, you use it when you are on the gear week 14-15, dosed accordingly.. plus clomid should be used for 3 weeks not 2 for better recovery

    6. start the primo a little later so your using it for a few weeks after recovery to, so you can keep gains a lot better, plus use 400 mg per week.

    7. does this cycle have to be so damn long

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    I like that cycle. I would break down the GH and take it 5 days on and 2 days off and that will let you break down one vial at a little over 3iu/d. That way one kit will last you 7 weeks and you will get a little more per day. I did it at 4 days on and 3 off at 4.5iu/d and it worked great. Maybe bump up the arimidex to .5mgs/d when you start clomid.

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    I'd shoot 500iu of HCG every saturday and sunday of the cycle if you're running a cycle that long. I'd also increase the primo to 400mg/wk if possible.

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    all i can say is... looks like you have the $$$ for really good gear. good luck bro and keep us posted on results.

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