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    Clen/ECA stack directly after fina cycle?

    I just finished a 6 week fina cycle which consisted of 75mg every day along with 50mg of test prop every day. I now want to start a clen /eca stack for 6 weeks, but i was wondering if I should go ahead and start it or should I do my 3 week clomid therapy first? Here are my stats:

    Height = 5'10
    Weight = 178 lbs
    BF% = 10%

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    I would wait until after the clomid, your body has been in a cutting mode for the past 6 weeks. Give it a little break and then get back to it. Still watch what you eat and do your cardio, but let your body go a little while with only the clomid in it. It will give your body a nice little break from all the chemicals being put in it.


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