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Thread: Eq fever?

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    Eq fever?

    I'm 20 yrs old 6'0, 180 lbs. been lifting for about 5 years now. Weight has fluctuated anywhere from 215 to 180. Never really had that really hard look to my muscles so I am considering running Eq, Winny, and Test prop. over the summer to get a hard look while avoiding water retention whenever possible. But i am hearing from a few of my buddies that running Eq for 10-12 weeks results in an "eq fever" that will make me sick and lose all my gains. Any truth to that claim? Also is there any truth that Eq is just a cheap form of deca ?

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    EQ Fever

    People say that they get a "EQ FEVER" because all EQ is animal grade gear. But I have never really heard anyone actually get an Eq Fever. Remember AS affects all of us differently. If you plan on doing EQ make sure it is for @ least 10 weeks(long ester). As for your friends saying its a cheap form of Deca is kinda silly. First they are remotely the same price depending upon contact, and second they are different AS all together. I have done both and if you are trying to harden up then choose the EQ.

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