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    when to start a.s.? i'm dieting..need help

    Been dieting for 6 weeks now...cardio 4 days a week, eating 7 meals a day..getting 200-250g of protein a day..Lost 34 lbs so far... I'm going to do a winny/eq/test/t3/clen question is, should i start when I hit my plataeu in weight loss or start now? I've done about 15 cycles in the past, this is my first of this kind.. I'm still pretty strong, can get 405 for 5 on bench my last set and i'm not really losing muscle (i hope) beer and pizza killed me the last 2 years.. started off at 295 and i'm at 260 today, 40 waist to a 36..18 in arms what do i do? continue eating clean and cardio for a couple more weeks? then hit it? or start now and double the benefits while my metabolism is roaring!

    Thanks for help people!


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    why would you want to add in AS when you have been having great success losing the weight naturally? your metabolism is high and you are training/eating properly to accomplish your goals. why potentially mess up what is working for you until you know that you can't get any further? i say use that cycle to harden up after you have dropped as much of the weight as you can so that you don't rebound.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    Why put off what you can start today?

    Slyp - Always deliverin what they want to hear

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