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    bigasbrock Guest

    LBM summer cycle

    OK bros heres the situation, Im just finishing up my clomid therapy after my first real cycle(bulker) and have a plan for a summer cycle that i want your thoughts on...

    21 y/o...5'8"...173 lbs...10% bf...Liftin 3 yrs

    Cycle History:
    1.Test Enan for 5 weeks @ 400mg/wk but didnt have any clomid so i gained and lost all 15 lbs just like that

    2.Winter Bulk Cycle just finished...
    TE @ 500mg/wk 10 wks
    Deca @ 400mg/wk 9 wks
    Gained 25 lbs b4 clomid and holding 23 as of today

    Planned cycle:
    TE @ 600mg/wk -wks 1-10
    EQ@ 400mg/wk - wks 1-10
    Fina@ 75mg/ed - wks 6-12
    Clomid to end
    nolva on hand
    bromo on hand

    I like my size now but i would like to be leaner, something like im thinking ill cut bf from now till mid summer and then likely be a little lighter and go back on and shoot for 15 super lean lbs? is 15 lean possible on that cycle?

    BTW i chose TE again b/c it works for size but also bc i have 3 vials sitting here and the finas alread on the way...So tweak this for me and let me know what its gonna take to get me to a lean 185...

    Also i held a little water from this cycle and had some acne on my back that i combatted with B5 but what should i run while on to minimize bloat but not hinder gains?

    Thanks bros

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    monstercojones's Avatar
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    liquidex will reduce bloat.

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    GandolfReturns is offline Junior Member
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    If you want areally effecient cycle for summer prep.

    Hit this

    wk 1-8 Fina 75mg ED
    wk 3-8 Winny 50mg ED
    wk 1-8 Prop 100mg EOD

    Eat Sleep and Train properly you will definitely get hard strong and scary for the beach!!

    My .02


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    bigasbrock Guest
    I considdered a fina/prop/winny cycle but didnt think i would get those 10-15 lean lbs i wanted from it? Is that accurate?

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    bigasbrock Guest

    Reconsiddered plan

    I evaluated my overall goals for end of summer and decided that my proposed cycle is overkill and really not what im looking for...

    Researching the fina/prop/winny cycle has convinced me thats exactly what i need. As opposed to more ene and eq...

    So what do you guys think about 10 lean lbs from
    1-7 fina 75mg/ed
    2-7 winny 50mg/ed
    1-7 prop 100mg/ed
    nolva and bromo on hand
    clomid to end

    Ive never cut before so i know i need to get my diet in order but what suggestions do you guys have?

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    50mg ed of prop would be sufficient

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    bigasbrock Guest
    Besides dropping the prop dosage (Im thinking 75mg/ed) what else do you guys suggest?

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    monstercojones's Avatar
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    i would drop the prop to 50 mg ED and run the while thing 8 weeks. prop gives you more free testerone than enth will at the same dosage because of the ester weight.

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