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    can i please have some advice on second cycle

    im going to begin my second cycle soon i have 4 weeks worth of russain d-bols, and 12 weeks worth of qv 250mg enthate(3 10/mol bottles),my question is i was going to buy 2 bottles of 10ml qv eq to run with it but from what ive read it may not produce any results at those doses, would you guys go ahead and buy the eq or just say fuck it and run the test cycle? oh and i have one bottle of prop to take me through the last few weeks as the enthate clears my system than the regualr nolva/clomid thereapy thanks again for all of your help and opinions

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    wait till you can have enough EQ to run it at least 400 mg a week. it will compliment the test nicely IMO.

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    Im on my first cycle of EQ right now, at 400mg a week. Im on week 8 and am disappointed with the EQ, especially because of what I paid for it. I have 2 more weeks left before I discontinue the EQ, but if I were to do it again, or recommend a cycle to someone else, Id say this:

    Never do a EQ cycle less than 10 weeks.

    Never do a EQ cycle with less than 400mg EQ a week. (seriously consider the 500-600mg a week range)

    I personally wont be doing EQ for a while. Before this cycle, I used Deca and had much better success with it, not the mention its cheaper.

    If I was you, Id drop the dBol , grab another vial or two of prop and use that to jumpstart instead. Save the dbol for 5 day mid-cycle dbol blitzs. About every two weeks, do about 40mg a day for 5 days. I had amazing success doing this.

    If you want something to stack with that enanth, I suggest Deca. Good luck whatever you decide.

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