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    rokkie -- how should i finish my cycle ?

    i already been in my cycle for 5 weeks . i am on my 6 week today and i am doing good. i gain 14 pounds already. i am takeing durateston 250.

    know in my 6 weeks i was planing on takeing 3 shoots this week what should i do i have 20 shoots only 12 shoots left what can i do to get max results and when should i take the clomid. i been shooting up only on sundays.

    this is how i am doing it ...

    week 1 - sunday 1 shoot

    week 2 - sunday 1 shoot

    week 3 - sunday 1 shoot

    week 4 - sunday 2 shoots

    week 5- sunday 2 shoots

    week 6 - sunday 2 shoots

    know this is were i am stock should i take one more shoot on week 6 on wensday or no.. i have 12 more shoots left how should i take them.

    thanx alot ...

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    You should have researched this and planned out your cycle before you started.
    Do you have clomid for post cycle?
    I don't even know what to tell ya. Fuck it.. Take 2 shots a week till u run out and call it a day.
    Next time stack something w/ the Test. And do some research before u hurt yourself.

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    I agree with MB keep doing the 2 shots until you finish, as far as the clomid click on the link below.

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    You don't need to know
    This is why I posted last week why people fail to plan there cycles out. What posess an individual to start a cycle before everything is in there hands...............pure ignorance!!

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