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    Is HCG good to bridge a cycle with clomid?

    If i decide to do this with a cycle of

    week 1-10 200 mg decadurabolin
    week 1-10 250 mg sustanon
    week 1-3 25 mg of dbol

    I know the dosages are on the low end but i am trying to squeeze buy on a tight budget..maybe i might just push off my cycle more until i can save more.

    If i eat clean and this is my first cycle is 30 lbs possible?? I mean i am already at 6'3 160

    If i use hcg with the clomid, when and how much should i take?? Will it keep more of my gains??
    Thanks for your help guys your the best!

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    How old are you bro? At 6'3 and only 160lbs you have the potential to put on a lot more size naturally, perhaps you should look into a good bulking diet! JMO

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    I would agree with sd11. Maybe you should concentrate of your diet and make sure you don't over-train.

    If you so decide to go ahead with the cycle then you should put on a few pounds each week, if you eat and train right.

    You might not need the hcg . I personally like hcg as it will help return your testes to size. If you do hcg, i'd suggest you take 1500iu one week after your last deca /sust shot, then 1500iu five days after that and another 1500iu in another five days. Start your clomid on the day you take your last hcg.

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