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    Steroids are bad ummkay?

    ephedra vs. clen safety

    With all the bad press that ephedra gets for being dangerous and even deadly, how safe do you guys feel clenbuterol is? I know they're not the same and don't really work the same, but ephedra is available all over the place and is dangerous, and clen has to be ordered on the black market. Does ephedra carry the same risks as clen and visa versa?

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    Great question bro..... BUMP !

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    Well this is my opinion. With clen personally I find that I have to watch out with my electrolyte level. I find that it depletes me very quickly expecially if I am cutting salt out of my diet. So what I do to compensate this is take time release potasium tabs.

    With both clen and ephedrine, You have to watch for elevated blood pressure and elevated heart rate. If you don't have any heart disease or you have not had heart trouble in the past and you keep the dosages to normal more respectable levels you should be fine. It is the people that abuse the drugs that are going to pay.

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    Clen is way more powerful than ephedra. They both seem to have the same affect on the heart rate though in relative doses.

    It won't be long before they ban caffeine!

    Its mainly the media's fault. I saw the report on ESPN about the pitcher, and they kept emphasizing the ephedra issue.

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    In my opinion, and experience, Clen is much more potent than Ephedra. And you're right about the media hype and sensationalism on this issue. All the herbal stimulants (Ephedra alkaloids like in Ripped Fuel, Xena-whatever) are helpful when taken properly. If someone pops 10 of them and then has serious problems, it's their own fault. My guess is that it will be a controlled substance available by prescription only in about 5-10 years.

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