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    juice and alcohol

    i like to drink when i go out to the club, sumemr is coming near and so is another cycle. i think its ok to drink when your not popping pills.....
    now lets say i started doign anadrol ...with liver protectors...i should probably completely cut the drinkign right?
    i have drank while a on 30mg e.d. dbol cycle, max 3 beers..

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    dont drink with anadrol , you could mess up your liver permanently.

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    no reason to consciously do something that could ruin gains, ruin your liver, or ruin your body permanently. alcohol does not help push you to your limits, but juice does. i personally believe people that drink during cycle while knowing the harm it can do are weak-willed individuals. there is no gray area here in my opinion, but im sure others will disagree. good luck in your decisions, and ill be sure to pull up a stool at the bar in 4 weeks.
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