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Thread: Cycle Help

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    Cycle Help

    I'm 6' and 263. High body fat. I wanna lose weight and bulk up. I'd like to drop to around 220. So far for my cycle I'm getting:

    200 Clen 0.04mg Katonjeng lab
    50 Winstrol 50mg Katonjeng Lab

    How should I cycle these 2 together? Should I add anything else? Clomid? Thanks for the help guys!

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    well you do not have enough for any cycle and I wouldnt even consider what you have a cycle. Why would you want to do a all oral cycle of winny?? and how long did you plan on running it for?? If you have high bf then maybe you should look into a solid diet, eating those pills are not the cure to life!!

    Also i think you need to choose one or the other!! bulk up or cut Your decision but find one stick the plan find the diet that will work for you and train hard at accomplishing your goals. what you have listed is not going to do shit for you if your diet is not in check. Do a search on the site find some answers and go from there. As far as the clomid question is concerned, if your asking that type of question, than you really need to research more and educated yourself

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    i'd focus on your diet bro...those to aren't going to drop 40lb's of should really reconsider and change your diet up, start doing cardio once in the morning and once in the very clean and start a good training regiment...then after you have succeeded with that, focuson juice...Madmax...

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