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    neotest,laudrol.HEARD OF THESE

    these were on my supplyers updated list.ive never heard of these.can any one help.laudrol:laurato de landrolona 250mg neotest:decanoato de testosterona 250mg. what are these and how would they be used in cycle ?are they worth getting at 100$for laudrol and 60$ for neo test.appreciate any info.

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    theres an artile in M.D. magazine on neotest. It is testosterone deconate attached to a long 10 carbon chain of nandrolone decanoate. 250mg per ml,, injection once a week or if desired higher doses. The long chain allows for a slow steady release of test-d into the bloodstream making it more anabolic and less androgenic . However u would need something to jumpstart this cycle such as dbol or t-prop because it takes weeks to kick in. It also takes over 3 weeks to leave the system so ending ur cycle with this designer steroid would mean switching to t-prop for a few weeks and then clomid therapy. BIG-G

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