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    test200 and fin?

    hey im about to start up with test 200 400mg a week for 10 weeks and fin prob 50 mg a day, the fin has some prop mixed in with it iam not exactly sure how much. do u think those numbers should do good for me? if you think different let me know iam only doing the fin for 6 weeks...i want to put on like 15 pounds
    thanks guys

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    first id run the fina for 8 weeks....second since it's your 3rd cycle you should run the fina at 75mg ed...maybe throw in some var also at could also shorten it to 10 weeks if you wanted to...i thnk this would be your best choice....Madmax..

    prop 100mg eod (1-4)
    test 500mg (1-12)
    fina 75mg ed (7-15)
    var 40mg ed (optional)

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