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    Question Done my research and still have questions.

    Hi guys, I've been researching on what kind of diet I should be on during a cycle and I've got a dillema. I'm 17% BF and want to shed some fat and still build some muscle. I am going to do 12 weeks of deca /sust with clen and cytomel during the final 6 weeks. I realize that carbs are good if I want to bulk and bad if I want to cut, I will be keeping my carbs down to about 100g a day and I will be taking in about 250-300g of protien. I'm not as concerned with totally bulking up as I am with cutting up and building a little more lean muscle. My question is am I taking in enough carbs and if I take a lot more wont that keep up my BF? Sorry for the long thread and thanks.

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    if your concerened with bad wieght gain than go with equipoise ...that will give you leaner, more solid gains...i would run the carbs higher than 100g per run carbs at low doses when your training for a show, and when your running cutting drugs...not when you run deca and sust.especially since they require alot of calories and you can't get all your calories from protien bro.....and with eq you will contantly be hungry so you should either reconsider the gear your runing or reconsider your diet bro....Madmax..
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