After several months of planning and designing, MASS UNIVERSITY is finally going public!!! The staff and current members of MU are committed to offering you the most informative and up to date information on the internet. The design for MU is 100% customized and has also set a new standard for vbulletin design, by implementing flash technology and unreal graphics. If you have a minute, I would be honored for you to stop by and just let us know what you think. The web address is the following:

About MU:

The Answer, who is the founder of MU, has compiled one of the best teams of moderators on the net. The mods are:


With the growing number of members at MU, we are definitely going to need more mods to help with the maintainance, teaching, learing and building of MU. So if you think you are the man/women for the job, please come over and register at MU.

MU has a lot to offer currently, such as, a forum dedicated to SwoleCat and his programs, Anabolic Discussion, Training Ideas/Assitance, Female Forums and a full Dinning Hall (with great recipes to fit your diet). MU also has a few 100% original and never before seen ideas in the works and should done within the month, so please come by and check everything out!!!

In the next few weeks we will also be AWARDING 4 FREE Keptprivate Accounts to the members. One is going to be randomly selected and the other three will be given away to top three winners of THE ANSWERS INTERNET FAMOUS JEOPARDY CONTEST!!!! So if you want a chance to win a free Keptprivate account, please stop by and register!!!

Thank you to the staff for the allowance of this post. Please feel free to submit a link back and a banner to me, so we can list it on our site. I can be reached at BTW, we are going to have a links page as well as a banner set up for all boards on the net!!!

Thanks and see you at Mass University!

Best Regards,
Webby aka Webmaster
Owner/Webmaster of Mass University