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    What are the Symptoms to gyno??

    I know this has probably been answered on the board before,

    My cycle is gonna be
    wk 1-10 400 mg deca
    wk 1-10 500 mg test depot
    wk 1-4 35 mg dbol

    I will have plenty of clomid on hand post cycle

    My questions are :
    1) besides itchy nipples what are the signs your gonna get gyno
    2) any way to pretest before a cycle
    3) if i am 6'3 160 and lean like 5% body fat already, and the reason why i am doing juice is cause i need something to activate growth cause my diet isnt enough at 3500 calories a day ..What is my proness to gyno?

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    Do a search, but an accumulation of hard fat around the nipple area, a hard lump forming in the nipple area, and soreness in the nipple area are all common symptoms. Do a search you want to know everything about gyno it isn't something to blow off as nothing.


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    tons of info about gyno out there bro, seriously do a search and you will find more than a handful of posts to help you accumulate information. to answer 3, i don't think that one can gauge how prone they are to gyno unless they have already exhibited symptons. some bros never have a problem with it while others feel it is the bane of their existence. good luck training, i was a skinny mofo like you several years ago before taking lifting seriously...

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    bro gyno has very sorn nips and very ichy you almost always tell if you have it..

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    Originally posted by crazy man
    bro gyno has very sorn nips and very ichy you almost always tell if you have it..
    That and your nipples will keep hitting your kneecaps when you run!

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