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    Running an anti-e counterproductive to gains?

    Hi there,

    I am still waiting for my supplies for my first cycle, my stats are 6'3 160 5% body fat, and (no a bulking diet hasnt worked ever) thats why i am gonna do my first cycle of juice to see where i go..

    I was told with my little body fat it wouldnt be a bad idea to run proviron , or novaladex, like a tab or so a day to run just as a preventative measure, but gonna hinder my progress to gain and retain the water necessary

    1-10 decadurabolin 400 mgs
    1-10 should i do sustanon or test depot?? 500 mg
    1-4 wk 35 mg every day of dbol

    Been training a lot time i am very strong, 265 max bench, i can squat about 315 max, military about 135 pounds, been training about 6-7 years

    1) How much water is really necessary to gain mass, and u know its gyno gain, not water?

    2) is running a low dose of proviron, 25 mg per day gonna really hinder my pronesss to gyno, or more impact the results of my cycle.

    3) With your experience a first time cycle like this for a beginer how much percent of the time have u seen gyno??

    My diet is clean, i eat about 3500 calories per day, 70/20/10, drink plenty of water..etc...

    Let me know..thanks!!

    2) give me your impression o

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    Hi Bro,

    Honestly, I wouldn't run the Nolva at all unless you start to see signs of gyno.

    You've got yourself a pretty typical cycle and it's fairly low dose. At that doseage gyno isn't likely, and I think taking Nolva every day without signs of gyno is a bit of overkill.

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    Running the proviron is fine- i'd wait on the nolva until you feel signs of gyno- if you do that is.

    6-3 160... shit bro i hope you know how to eat for this cycle.

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    My impression is that after 6 years of training and you only benching 265, you still have plenty of potential to tap into. Especially if you're 6'3.

    I'm 6' and was benching 300 pounds after my first year of training, just bump your intensity up a notch for a month or two before going through with this cycle.

    If you want an idea of how high your intensity level should be, get a one of Arnolds old work out tapes of him in the gym. Man's an animal, he wouldn't stop until he was puking his guts out (sign your body has released GH). None the less, I still think you have plenty of natural potential before the juice bro.

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