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    Talking Hey guys! Been a while, need some cycle advice.

    Been a long time since I've been to this board, I've stayed natural for 2 years after doing 2 test/dbol /deca cycles 2 years ago. I wanted to give my body a rest, and I did, so here I am. Wondering what you guys think about me doing anadrol as opposed to d-bol this time, or if it is worth the health risk.

    Thinking of

    weeks 1-10 750mg sust
    weeks 1-10 400mg deca

    now should I throw in 5 weeks of dbol (20,25,30,30,25)
    or can someone recommend a anadrol schedule?

    Needless to say, I have clomid and proviron on hand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys

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    4 weeks of anadrol -50 will make you massive. 50,100,100,50. Real toxic on the liver. If d-bol you should go 6 weeks. 35,45,50,50,30. Run a good anti-e like Letrozole or Liquidex during , HCG and Nolvadex post.

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    I don't see any problem with you doing drol and personally I like it a lot more than dbol . As for the cycle I would try and run the test/deca an additional two weeks and whether you choose dbol or drol, don't stagger your dose. If your going to run dbol just do 40mg ed for 1-4 and if you pick drol run it at 50mg ed and see how you react, if your tolerating it well you can bump it up to 100mg ed, and stay with that dose no need to come back down IMO.

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    Well this is my opinion if your going to do dbol . I would say if you want to maintain a 30mg dosage than

    weeks 1-5 30mg dbol

    would be a good enough jump start. the sus will kick in weeks 4 about. I don't know that much on androl so i can't advise you on that, but i don't see why you would pyramid the dbol, you should just go 30mg all the way till week 5. Good luck.

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    You don't need to know
    Yea , keep it simple , no need to complicate it........

    wks 1-4 30-35mg d-bol
    wks 1-10 750mg Sus
    wks 1-10 400mg Deca
    3 weeks after last shot start clomid 300mg day 1 / 100mg for 10 days 50mg ed for 10 days

    and you don't need hcg , but I would have bromo on hand for deca gyno...if it appears !

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