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    3bigpipes is offline New Member
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    Dec 2002

    Question wasting winstrol by running sust???

    week 1 625mg sust
    week 2 625mg sust
    week 3-5 250 mg sust + 1 V a day
    week 5-12 V ever 2nd day

    Someone said I was wasting the V by running it at the same time as the sust. I took the sust to gain a bit a muscle ( so far 20 pounds, a bit bloated, not cool) And to prevent muscle loss while on Winstrol .

    Do you see any problems with my cycle?

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    Sigmund Froid is offline Associate Member
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    Oct 2002
    Winstrol will prevent muscle loss. Might even cause a slight gain. Sust and winstrol work differently, and work even better together. If you take sustanon , then you take winstrol, and add the results together, it will not be as good as running them at the same time. It's called synergy.


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