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    how long for nolvadex to work

    How long does it take for nolvadex to get in your system and start working?

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    In general with no loading dose, it takes about 4-6 half lives to reach steady state. This just means the concentration coming in is equal to that going out. Drug in equals drug out. Elimintaion half-life of nolva is 5-7 days. So to reach steady state w/o a loading dose would take about 20+ days. This doesn't mean you will have to wait this long to notice an effect. This only means to be at steady blood levels, it would take this long. Time to peak serum concentrations is 5 h. So it will begin working w/in 1 day. You could do a load if you wanted to reach higher blood levels quicker, but there really is no need for this because we are not monitoring blood levels. You only need once daily dosing. 20 mg/day is comparable to 10 mg twice daily as far as bioavailibility. IMO you don't need more than 20 mg/d, but venture this one for yourself.

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    I just started my 4th bottle (hence forth month).... I got a little gyno this past cycle.... sept - oct... started NOLV in Dec... lump reduced...but then it just did not do anything else...... I started BROMO this week.... I swear its smaller already....


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