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    Fina users...GYNO?

    ok...i kno ppl say that you can get gyno from fina b/c of the prolactin build up...ppl always say its best to hav bromo on hand. I was just curious as to how many of you hav gotten gyno from fina? and at what doses, and what additional stuff u were on...
    from what i have read, gyno from fina is extremely rare...i'm just wonderi how rare...?
    (and yes, i have my bromo on hand....just curious tho)

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    I wouldn't say it is rare, as it happens to pleanty of people.

    You will know rather quick if the prolactin is going to inflame the breast tissues. Good thing about tren , if you start having problems, stop taking it. Due to its' short 1/2 life, it will be out of your system quickly.

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