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    Anyone know about Advocare??

    Someone got into a big argument how 'advocare' is bettere than steroids . He heard it at an advocare convention from one of the speakers. He can't get it through his head that their are better. If anyone has more extensive knowledge about this product please input so I can prove him wrong from all angles.

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    Advocare=Pyramid Scheme. 'Nuff said. Well, actually, if he buys into the whole Advocare thing, I have some supplements he can buy that are not only better than steroids , they will make him hung like John Holmes. All he has to do is buy the starter package and become a rep. Then he needs to get about 500 people to sign up under him for the low price of $100.00 per person. They can send their money to me at...

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    I hate those pyramids shit... stay away from that..... another form of scamming


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