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    Felt this? Tons of water b4 w/o, sweat like dog, see diff after workout.

    No problems just wanted to see if some people experienced anything like this. I am consuming a lot of food on Fina 187 Eod Ara 500 wkly. Well past week or so I have gained some water I can tell, weight up 15lbs. Strength is just doing some shit I cant believe so Im happy. BUT, today was the by far most, I am sweating like a pig. I am not talking about sweat like someone doing a jog. I am talking about sweating nonstop like somone running a marathon in sprint mode. When I go into my last few workouts I look fat. After doing legs today, and leaving this crazy, embarrasing puddle of sweat on the floor under the squat machine, I go into the locker rooms shower, and when I look in the mirror I look completely different than when I arrived. I actually weighed myself today before and after workout because I was expecting this. Before workout 200lbs after workout 198. 2lbs water weight in a workout. Anyone ever done this? Well my workout was great. Put 10 plates on a side for the front squat machine and got 5 reps. Felt like my heart was gonna blow out of my chest while bursting a brain vessel. Hmmm. By the way my water consumption is ungodly and not lacking in anyways. Im drinking the Atlantic right now. Diet is around 4k 220-240 pro rest carbs/fat-- pretty typical.

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    Are you running any anti-e's?

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    I drop a lot while working out too brah - just be sure to put it back in. There is a formula for how many ounces of water you need to take in per pound of bodyweight lost during trianing - but I can't recall what it was. But either way - just keep drinking water.

    I had a buddy who was an endurance athlete that told me once you stop sweating you must either get some water or stop working out - he stated a few facts on how dehydration can seriously impare performance as well as other negative effects on progression (progressively getting better over multiple workouts - the supercompensation curve)...

    During anaerobic exercise be sure to sip water during your workout to keep hydrated.

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