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    When to do my injections??? **PLz critique**

    I am 6'3 160, super high metabolism, been training about 6 years medium intensity, i am very strong, i eat like 3500 calories a day and not a pound...let alone very hard to retain heres my question....

    The cycle i plan on doing when i get my gear is :

    wk 1-10 400 mg decadurabolin
    wk 1-10 500 mg test ethanate
    wk 1-4 dbol 35 mg per day
    wk 1-10 proviron 25 mg ed
    wk 11 1,500 iu of hcg every 5 days

    I run the clomid 2 weeks after my last shot of hcg

    OR should i worry about hcg or the proviron, i hear eth blows u up like a pig that everyone???

    does it matter if i do the deca and test all on one day each week...or how is it best to split it up?? all the deca one day, all the sust another??? I have been searching for advice on the split but not much luck... I heard the oil of the test doesnt mix well with the water based of the deca

    Or is the proviron gonna interfere with the gains, is water retention also a major function of body fat where as mine is like 5% anyhow?

    Let me know bros!! Thanks!!

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    deca is oil based just like test... i would shoot 200 mg of deca and 250 mg of enth. on monday and the same amount every thursday. look at your diet also... try 4500-5000 cals a day plus 320 grams of protein, you may be able to gain without doing a cycle. it looks well-planned though.

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