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    nolvadex for fat loss ! ?

    i know theres posts but im desperate now , i cant get rid of chest fat and tire , i ve used eca clen winny , diet and sit load of cardio , i want to try taking nolva straight for 3 weeks and hard diet and cardio , do you think it will get rid of my fucking fat girl tits and love handles , plus im also afraid of a rebound effect. pleace someone help me , i need good info , oh yeah i already used a bottle of yohmiburn ! help me guys

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    Search bro there is a lot of info on this topic, but IMO it might work it might not. If the fat deposits in your chest are estrogen related (which they probably are) then yes it will probably work, I think you will need to run it longer than 3 weeks though. If the fat deposits are DNA/genetic related then no it won't help you out much. This is something you are going to have to test out for your self. BTW I plan on starting this type of cutting cycle in a few weeks too, I suffer from the same problem.


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