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Thread: recovery

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    What is the best and fastest way to recover post cycle? I've ran nolva and clomid, experimented at different dosages and still seem to loose most of my gains. Not to mention the long time frame of getting my sex drive and clear skin back. I've definitely ruled out deca in the future because it really! shut me down hard. Is there a good combo or routine involving the use of hcg , nolva, clomid, or clenbuterol that might be recommended? It allways appears that people use one or the other. I'm currently on a eq. 400mg. a wk and test en. 500mg. a week. Pleae help I really want to keep as much as I can. Even diet or workout techniques would be appreciated.

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    clenbuterol is a fat loss drug, so it won't be helpful in keeping gains. i would recommend doing a search on ancillaries like clomid, arimidex , etc. clomid has always helped me retain gains, and not changing my diet works as well. during cycles i usually don't take creatine so i benefit fully from the juice, but a week before the end of my cycle i will start taking it so i can avoid crashing super hard. i find it helps a little, but the clomid/proper diet lets me keep a large percentage of my gains.

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