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    Going away. Take it or shoot it?

    Im towards the end of my cycle and im going away for a week and im not sure if i should just should all my weeks gear right before i leave or attempt to bring it with me. Im flying to florida so i think that might be to risky. Is it ok if i shoot all my gera on one day before i leave. Its only gonna be 500mg of enanth and 400 of eq.

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    both are long acting esters so go right ahead and shoot right before u leave. no sense in getting busted for 1cc of roids!

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    What exactly does your shot schedule look like and when and how many days are you gonna be gone. 7? Also is this your last week or just nerer the end

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    so your cycle will be finished and youll have 1cc of each left over? bro id just take it because its not worth the risk saving that little gear, and its not deviating that much from your planned cycle.

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