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Thread: Deca and Sus?

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    Deca and Sus?

    I am thinking about taking deca and Sus 250. I am 6' 165ish I was told my body fat was like 10-12% I am coming off a couple month break from lifting. I was lifting for 2 years and I didnt eat that much protein so I didnt gain much size. My max bench last time I lifted was 250lbs. My cycle is going to be week 1-8 of Deca 400 mg, Week 4-12 will be sus 500mg. Here is my question if I eat alot of protein and lift hard. What is my possibile weight gain and what could my bench be at?

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    train hard for a few months at the very least before you use AS, I would even say train hard, eat the right amount of cals and protein Everyday for at least a year or two before considering using AS. at 6' 165 you can gain ALOT more through correct diet and training.

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    I agree with exactly what monstercojones1 said. You can put a lot more mass on naturally still if you're 6' and only 165lbs.

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    they are both right but if your gonna do it you will gain approx 20lbs

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    i took sust.250 for 10 weeks,and gained 20 cycle lost only 8 pounds.gains were great ..

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