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    beginner cycle recommendations........

    my friend is doing his first cycle and needs some ideas. hes 21 and about 5'9 and 165 with pretty low bodyfat, hes been training for some time, probly 3 years, his goals are to just put on size. i was thinkin something like 10 weeks of eq @400mg a week and test enanthate @ 400mg a week, but i have heard that test isn't really a good beginners cycle and you should go with something weaker like decca or something like that. can i get some suggestions........

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    no bro, you definatly should have him run test...some might say he should wait because he's 165 but i say go for it he's 5'9 so i think he's good to go......try this might have him throw winny in there but some would say that may be pushing it.....Madmax..

    test prop 50 eod (1-4)
    eq or 400mg (1-10)
    test cyp 500mg (1-10)
    winny 50mg ed (8-13) ------ optional !!!!

    d-bol 30mg (1-4)
    test cyp 500mg (1-10)
    deca 300mg (1-10)
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    I'd go with the cycle Madmax suggested using EQ. Not personally a fan of deca .

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    i like the second one also.

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