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Thread: Clen And Booze

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    Clen And Booze

    I started taking Clen today. How bout would it be if I drank this weekend for one day? I'm gonna be at MARDI GRAS and just wanna drink. How bad is alcohol while on clen?

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    why not just wait until after mardi gras to start bro? you are just going to be wasting your pills and potentially having ill-desired sides while getting wasted if your body doesn't handle the clen well. if i were you i would wait to take it, or on the day of mardi gras that you are drinking substitute the clen with an eca to save your pills. as far as side effects go, i don't think drinking for one day while on it will cause permanent damage, but you never know how your body will react to both substances simultaneously.

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    I don't think one day will kill you but you should just wait until you get back to start the clen . I have had 2 beers while on clen and felt nothing different. If you get Mardi Gras drunk that could be a lot of stress on your CNS.


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