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    Bromo + Arimidex = Puke

    I'm currently in the middle of Test/EQ/Fina/Anavar and started to feel a slight itch in my left nipple, I've been taking .25mg of arimidex ed, so I decided to up it to .5 and I took 2.5mg of Bromo with it last night with my dinner. It's the first time I've ever taken bromo, and after one hour, I puked up all my dinner. It was horrible, I had a nice big steak too.

    What's up with that? Does Bromo make anyone else puke, or is it because I mixed the Bromo and Arimidex?

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    nope its the bromp recomend that you start at like 1/2 a pill
    and work your way up to 1 pill....have a tendancy to make people your not the only one

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    yeh adapt is right start with a half a pill and work your way up. same thing happened to me. i was like 2.5mg what the fuck is that gonna do so i popped one left and next thing i'm out the car door puking all over. good luck

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