How is everyone doing ? I'm not looking to juice but rather find some good advice on what supplements are out there these days. Actually two years ago I was diagnosed with a testicular tumor (Seminoma) and lost one of them (well, they took the damn thing) so I canít go back to the hard stuff anymore and loose the other one, because then my life really will change. And yes I abused them but who knows how I got it, the doctors can only guess. I lost a lot of size & strength from cancer treatment (not chemo) but Iím not giving up. I started training again this winter and my strength is coming along fine but I feel I need a kick start of some kind. I canít go near anything anabolic again so androl or any of that health store stuff is out as well. Has anyone made good gains with supps, creatine etc? I always had a problem getting lean and now winstrol , equipoise etc is out of the question. I still have some mass to play with so whatís the best supps (along with dieting) that will help me out. Ill be 33 this year, Iím 6í3 245, getting 315+ bench

Best Regards