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    switching cyclyes need help !!

    hey bros sorry to bug but im in a sticky situation i started my 10 week deca ,test,dbol cycle
    and i heard after my first week that the gear might be junk and it was on day 10 and the dbols wernt doin nothin so i stopped it in mid stride

    so it will be the third week since my first shot this coming friday and i too my 500 mg test and 400 mg deca plus i started the second week so i also took 200 mg of deca .......

    so now i have a much better source that i know is 100 % legit and i should be recieving my gear this friday or next monday so i changed it a bit
    im runnin dbol week 1-4 35mg
    deca week 1-12 500 mg
    ethanate week 1-12 600 mg when should i start it ..... cause i have been dyong to get this gear in me forever .... i dont wanna wait another 3-5 weeks wo what should i do thanks bros

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    I'd say just start it when you get it and count it as a fresh cycle from then. Maybe throw in some HCG at the end because you would have been on for a few extra weeks and might need a little boost with recovery.

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    i forgot from week 12-17 im doing primo for a bridge .... cause i have a bit of primo left and will never use iever so im gonna chuck it in as a bridge

    i have some hcg
    i have 3 vials of it 1500 iu and 3 1 ml liquid to mix it with is that enough ??

    should i still get really good gains from this ????

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