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    not one to bitch - but here goes.

    Now I did my last cycle of T-400 and deca . 1 cc of each at time and then 1cc of t-400 and 1.5 cc deca for the last 5 of the ten weeks. First two times T-400 hurt, 4 time did delt and it hurt so bad I couldn't do flyes on chest day. Then after that - it was ok - I guess I got use to it.

    Now. I am running EQ/CYP/PROP. I am hitting 1cc of EQ and about 1.15cc of CYP 2 times a week (mon-thur). Today I did the EQ/CYP in left delt. A little pinch - and now I know it is in there, I can feel the lump, but nothing abnormal - life is good - atleast in the upper body. Did the Prop in my quad - 1st time for the thigh shot. I did 1cc of QV PROP 100mg. I want to do EOD for the PROP "boost" on the front side and ed when I run it with tren /winny at the end.

    Ok - My leg hurts so bad. I can barely walk. I was wondering if I did it wrong. I think I did. I came in about 10 degrees above perpendicular to the ground, but the main thing was I shot it about 1/4 of the way down my leg. I have alot of muscle mass there, the biggest mass of muscle in my leg is right there. Figure that was the palace to go - GUESS NOT! Normally I would say ok - it hurts - life goes on. But I look like someone on the geriactric floor. Limp - hobble - limp'n everywhere. Lucky I work midnights - so when I get home in about 5 hours - I will go to sleep - hopefully to wake up and be able to "walk" again. Just needed to same something cuz it hurt. Enough - Sucking it up!

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    the first time I did a shot in my quad hurt like a bitch. But you will get used to it and it won't hurt as badly. Felt like I had a dead leg for about 3 days. I was limping everywhere. I just told everyone that I had a new great leg workout.

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    all shots have been fine for me, calf shots were a bit discomforting but it subsided with in a day or 2. I think warming my oil and using only 25g darts has played a significant role in this also.

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