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    t4 dosages!Mods plz. look

    H' bros !!
    hope everyone is fine!I was gonna ask you if anyone tried t4 and seen fine results?If so how a t4 cycle should be dosaged?ALL COMMENTS ARE APRECIATED!!!


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    i heard it burns, like a sust burn, although i have never tried it.

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    Used T-400 on my very first cylce with Deca and had great results put on a ton of mass and lost close to none of it, my lats and legs exploded and my bench went through the roof.

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    I've used t-400 and got rsults. But IMHO its not any better than t-200.

    Some t-400 has been tested to be only 349 mg/ml. The label on T-400 claims to have 25mg of prop, 187 of cypionate and 188 of enanthate . In all actuality its more like this 32 mg prop, 151 cyp, and 166mg enanthate. Since cyp and enanthate esters are almost the same its not worth it IMO. Plus with all the BA in it of course its gonna hurt like hell.

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    IMO t-4 is a waste....of $$$. Test Prop needs to be ed or eod. the 25 mg or so of prop does not have a chance to work effectively when taken once or twice per week as you do with why bother. As far as the combo of test cyp and test e... I don't get it. IMHO stick with prop at 100 mg ed or eod or test e or cyp.

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    its fast acting prop with cyp/enath. I loved that stuff. Works great but it does burn. You will need to inject it at least 3 times a week to take advantage of the prop and slowly increase the cyp test levels so they wont be too much estrogen turn over. You can dilute it with either deca or equipose to lower the pain.

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