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    how would i stack these 2compounds with test?

    what would be the best way to use these two compounds will using test?? how long can they be run?
    the clen by the way is the pump and the t3 is 25mcg.

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    I would run the clen and t3 post cycle or right at the end - to help harden up your gains and burn off fat/water build up. Test - not sure what kind you speak of - is mainly gonig to be for mass building and cutting at the same time is counter productive. I am running eq/cyp for 12 weeks and then fina/prop/winny - for 6 weeks. The last 2 weeks I am going to run clen 2 on 2 off with ECA or NYC on the off two and cynomel 25mcg for 40 days... 5% ramp up 45% at 4 pills a day 55% step back down. search for t3 ramp or cynomel ramp.

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