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    Storing contents of amps in vials?

    Tell me your thoughts on this.

    I will be getting in a bunch of schering testoviron depot 250 amps soon, and I was thinking that instead of messing with opening a couple of them every week, I would just open them all and store them in vials from

    Whats are your thoughts on this? How many amps could I get into one standard vial? Is this even advisable?

    Thanks in advance

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    I do not have any person experience on this matter, however I would assume that it might not be very sterile to do this, although it could probably be done.

    Also the vials can hold different amounts, depending on the type of vial you buy. An average one would probably hold about 10ml (10cc) or you could get bigger ones, like 30ml (30cc).

    Let's hear some VETS/MODS on this!

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    Ive thought of this too, but have never done it. i dont see a problem with it, how would you transfer liquid? syringe with wide needle or just pour?

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    I wouldn't do it... you mess up and contaminate the vial, or break it, or whatever and you're out of a lot of gear... you mess up one amp, well... big deal, you're 1 amp short.


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    I would say get a screw top vial and just pour. I dont think It would be any less sterile. You could always pasturize it to sterilize. But why would you do it? Whats the difference in breaking the amps now or later? They are all going to have to be broke. I would jus' leave em and use em as you need them.

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    Bro...whats the big deal about popping open a couple of amps per week.? It is an easy and simple procedure to do even without an amp opener. Simply put the top of a BIC pen over the amp and pop it.

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