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    Question about BULKING with SUSTANON, DECA, and D-BOL. Help needed input

    15 vials of deca , 10 amps of sustanon 250, 500 tablets of d-bol and clomid.
    What is the best way to combine this cycle?
    Would I need to get Nolvadex also?
    All input will help, I'm trying to gain right aroung 30lbs.

    -Going with 500g protein daily.
    -1000 carbs the 1st 3 weeks.
    -500 carbs the 2nd 3 weeks
    -75 carbs the 3rd 3 weeks.

    My current stats are 6'00 200 10% bf.

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    you are going to need at least 10 more amps of sust to get a good dosage each week. try to cycle your gear like this:

    1-4 dbol 30 mg/ed
    1-10 deca 400mg/wk (assuming you have 200mg/ml 2ml amps)
    1-10 sust 500mg/wk (150/M 200/W 150/F)
    8-10 clen (do a search about proper dosages)
    13-15 clomid therapy

    i would go with bromo as gyno from deca requires different measures...the nolva on hand would be good however. you should also have some clomid for post therapy to get your nuts back to normal. a deca cycle is usually very hard on your body and will shut down your natural test for an extended period of time, so the clomid will get you back on track.

    this cycle with the dbol/deca/sust is almost identical to the cycle i am planning on running at the end of spring. my goals are very similar to yours, however im 6'3 225 11%. best of luck.

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    You do need more gear IMO. Also your diet is a little high, maybe your metabolism is high and you can get away with that much but it seems with over 6000cals a day for the first weeks you will but a lot of fat on. Esp since the sust and deca won't kick in until about the 3rd week. I would find a good Lean Bulking calorie number that works for you and stick with that throughout the cycle, maybe upping it 200 - 300 cals when you start to see gains slowing.


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    Whats the rationale behind your diet? 6000+ calorie diet is definitely not necessary and if your going to be running a bulking cycle why are you dropping 2000 calories weeks 4-6 and 1700 makes no sense at all.

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    I agree with azz, bump up the sust to 750mg a week and deca to at least 400mg a week. Too much carbs. You'll come out of this cycle a fat body.

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    wait he said he had 10 amps of 250mg sus... doesn't that mean he only has 10 weeks of 250mg a week???

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    your right kid thats only 250 for 10

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