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    1st Cycle Ever! What About Eq/anavar??

    This will be my first cycle ever!! I am about 5'10", 200 and I want to cut up, put on a little size, and take some budy fat off, mainly in the gut area.....i regularly do cardio, along with regular workouts. I was thinking about going with EQ to cut up and Anavar to take the fat off.....I was going to go with Clen , but cant get a hold of that right now, and I just found this site so I already have the EQ, but I can get some Anavar. What do you guys think? Is that ok or really stupid??? Also, what about diet?? I am obviously staying away from fast food, just staying with chicken, protein, and water...can you guys get more specific for me as far as a diet? Eat 4-5-6 times a day? Any help, criticism, or info anyone could offer would be extremely helpful!!! Thank You!

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    var is super expensive bro, if u just want a little bulk and cut fat, do and eca with lots of cardio, id run the eq with some winny

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    fina is perfect for shedding some bf and putting on muscle, but it requires ED injections and it is a strong androgen. do some reasearch on "tren " or "fina" also. check out and decide if that may be the route you'd like to take. fina/eq/prop would be great IMO... but again, it is your first cycle.

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    An EQ/winny is a great beginner stack to put on some lean gains and shed a little BF:

    Wks 1-10 EQ 400mg/wk
    Wks 7-12 Winny 50mg/ED

    Start clomid post cycle at wk 13 at 300mg/1st day; 100mg/ED days 2-10; 50mg/ED days 11-20. Have nolva on hand just in case and make sure your taking a liver protector i.e. milk thitsle, ALA, glutamine, etc. You could also throw an ECA stack in there too for a little extra help with the BF. Train hard, eat clean, and keep up on the cardio. I hoped this helped. Good luck.

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    I would stack the eq and winny as dragonslayer and Full Intensity suggested. I'm getting ready to run the two together myself for an upcoming cycle. The only addition I could make to what Dragon said is frontloading the eq. According to Warrior, "as eq's half like is about 5-7 days and the ester remains active for several weeks you could assume that at 400mg per week you will average about 800 mg total bood volume in the middle of your cycle (rough guess: current week 400mg + last week 200mg + week before 100mg, and week before that at about 40mg still active). So a 800mg frontlaod the first week will put you off and running right away. With noticable effects with in the first few weeks vs 5-6 weeks later. Again - you could get this to an exact science by writing down how you plan to administer it and figuring in the right half life and active life of Boldenone Undecanoate - but 800mg is a pretty solid estimate." (Warrior is a very active senior member here btw and knows what he's talking about!)

    Going with a high anabolic cycle like this as your first cycle is probably the best way to go...maybe down the road you could do something more androgenic and less anabolic like tren as Monster suggested.

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