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    need help on shooting winny and prop??

    my next cycle is going to be a winny and prop cycle...and i have a question for people out there who have done this cycle, or ones like this....i need help on where to shoot since i will be needing a shot everday...i already decided i dont want to drink the thinking that i should shoot the prop in my glues and maybe the winny in the delts...this is my first time to shoot a test and ive heard that prop burns like hell so i dont really want to shoot that into a smaller muscle...any advice is helpful

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    Im doing the same cycle and I just rotate muscle groups. Split up in two shots....100mg prop ed...50mg left glute..50mg right day 50/50 left/right bicepts...then same for quads and delts. Smaller doses in each side tends to be less pain for me. Hope this helps

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    I like rotating biceps, glutes and quads...

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