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    New cycle questions

    I am planning this cycle for June

    Test Prop, 100 mg / everyday , Week 1-9
    Fina, 100 mg / everyday , week 3-9
    Winstrol , 100 mg / every other day 6-12
    Clenbuterol , 6 pills / everyday , week 6-14

    What do you think ? This is my third cycle, i am 5'11" 196
    My goals for this cycle are to gain about 10 lbs and stay lean and hard
    Should I add EQUIPOSE or anything else to help me gain the weight ?
    I want to stay away from the Enanthate but was considering Sust instead of Prop. If you have any suggestions or help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

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    I would run the Prop/Winny/Fina together for six to eight weeks.

    Hold out on the Clen until after. Also, do some more research on Clen (not a flame) running it for 9 weeks straight is not optimum.


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    Agree with Diesel, run the prop/fina/winny together. If you can substitute var for the winny do it.

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