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    Dazed and Confused

    Hello everyone im just looking for a bit of help. When i was 21 i was more or less just skinny. Then i got an easy job and got fat as hell. Over a year ago i went on a diet. I went from 290 pounds down to 205, I was a 44” waist now im a 34/36” waist. Im 6'2'' 205 pounds and prob close to 16-18% bodyfat. Im trying to bulk up hardcore yet im not sure if i should still just be loosing the bodyfat. I started lifting about 8 months ago but i still look like a fool. I wanna try a cycle but im scared of it right now just from the lack of knowledge and the safety cushion of having a friend or someone to talk to about it. Im going to be 28 years old in June. I wanna get ripped this summer if possible. Im going to take pics of myself and post them. If you know of a pretty good first cycle that has seem to work for you or your friends post it so I can research it. Im trying to get a good idea of what I should do by word of mouth. My research is scaring me since there is so much info now on the net. You read on article and its good next article its bad. Im so lost on cycle’s. My Diet is pretty strict. I dont bullshit around with it since like i said i lost about 85 pounds. I train hard and eat right. My training is :

    Monday Bi's and Tri's
    Tuesday Legs
    Wensday Chest and Stomach
    Thrusday Back and Shoulders
    Friday Stomach
    Saturday Off
    Sunday Stomach

    Before every workout i do 45 minutes of cardio and burn about 650-725 cal. Im thinking of changin it now to Lifting first on Monday-Thrusday then doing only 30 mins of cardio and trying to only burn about 400 cal. Then on Friday and Sunday I will go back up to my high calories and just burn the hell out of my stomach. Im really lost right now any info will help that has not been posted(weightlifting calorie burning anything cycles). I will post some before and after pics so peeps get an idea of what i have done so far. I have mostly been just reading about everything right now. BTW good job on all ur gains everyone.

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    do more research and u will find good cycles........

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    Forget the cycles for >now<, do some research get sticter on your diet and drop down your body fat so yoou look like a piece of shredded beef. I am not questioning your ability on dieting but no matter the job or not you loosing weight had all to do with your food choices not your easy job. i know plenty of people who have office jobs where they there ass at a desk all day and have some great psysique's. it just seems to me that alot of people come on here thinking that AS is going to solve there problem and it is not! Yes there is a ton a good cutting cycles and ton of good bulking ones also. Also if your trying to bulk "hard core" than why so much cardio everyday?? I can understand doing cardio for maintenance but your doing it ed for 45 mins. I would even change that and do weight training first then do cardio.

    The more I read your post- You want to bulk hard core but then again you said I want to get ripped for the summer?? choose one and set yourself some goals!! If you want to bulk go bulk if you want to cut choose than than stick to it. From my opinion you can not do them both at the same time. just my .02

    maybe madmax, painintheazz or yellow2k can give you some more insight

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    You need to do some research on the cycles info that is the only way to learn, when you think you have a good cycle post it and we will comment on it and make it perfect (well madmax will ) As for the diet we need to see what your macro's look like and what type of food sources you are getting I don't need to see what every meal you eat looks like but just tell us how many grams of each you are getting and what your main food sources are. That will help us comment on that. As for your workout I would do your split a little differently right now you have 3 days off in a row ( I know you do stomach but that doesn't really count IMO) That is probably letting your metabolism slow down a little. I rather see you do something like this
    Mon Bi and Tri
    Tue Leg
    Wed Stomach
    Thur chest
    Fri Back Stomach
    Sat off
    sun shoulders and stomach

    I think this would keep your metabolism going a little better and you would get some better fat burning potential. But it is up to you and how your body feels.

    Also do your cardio after your workout. This will help because you will have more energy for your weights so you can up the intensity and you will deplete your glycogen stores by doing the weights first. This will allow you to tap into your bodies fat stores quicker when doing the cardio. Hope this helps.


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