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    Lightbulb Change of Plans!!!

    First off... let me give you my stats... I am 23.... Roughly 180.... 5'8''... and I have a high BF of like 17. My cycle consists of 2 10ml bottles of QV Decca 300. I also have a bottle of Test Sust 250. I as going to add D-Bol at the beginning of the cycles to give it a jump start but then I decided not to. I started takin the decca. As of now.. this is my cycle.

    Beginning to End
    1 cc (300) every 4th day

    After 7th shot of Decca which would be about week 3 of a 13 week cycles
    1cc of 250 twice a week... Probably Sunday and Thursday.. Or somehting to that effect.

    Do you guys think I shold make the decca every fifth day and do the test monday wed friday or leave it as is...?

    Second... Can I add a bottle of QV Stanzanol in at about the second to last eek of the cycle and continue forth with 1cc a day for the 20 shots in the bottle to tighted up. Or shold I wait till after Clomid is takin after the 3rd week and so forth?

    This is about my 6th cycle but I always took even simpler cycles like just winny... and Decca with Cyp.

    Any feedback will help....

    I also forgot to mention my goals... I want to get bigger but not the humungus size that D-Bol gave me last time... I just felt bloated at only 20 MG a day of the white russians. So I figured the DBol and sus would give me some size an strength and at the end the winny will tighted me up....


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    Alright, let's simplify this a bit.

    13 week cycle

    1-13 Deca 300mg/ml every 4th day = 23cc's
    3-13 Sust 500mg/wk inject twice a week = 22cc's

    On that end you are a little short in supply. I would cut it down to 11-12 weeks.

    The dosage is a little low for my taste, particularly for a guy who is in his 6th cycle. However, you have to run what youu are comfortable with.

    In the Winny, correct me if I am wrong, isn't QV Stan-V 100mg/ml?
    If so, I would either run .5cc ed for six weeks or 1cc eod for six weeks.

    Whichever you decide, start th winny three weeks beofre the end of your cycle and run it right into Clomid treatment. Start Clomid three days after your last winny injection.

    Good Luck


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    [i]Originally posted

    In the Winny, correct me if I am wrong, isn't QV Stan-V 100mg/ml?

    D [/B]
    quality vet makes both..

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    Well the QV Stanz I can get is 50... Thanx for correcting me about hte 13 weeks.... I was trying to do the math in my head so I just did an esstimate on 20CC 1 every 4 days and it was like 12 or 13... anyway.. thanx for the feedback and if anyone else can think of anything.. let me know.

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