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    Novagam, OxyFlux, little confused?

    Hello again, I am just ending my Test Cycle, other shit as well, and I am now gonna cut (hopefully) Here's what I have, and I would like some suggestions. Are my OxyFlux worthless? Helpe here

    1 - Clenbuterol ( 100 OxyFlux / 100 Novagam's)
    2 - 20CC of Winstrol
    3 - ECA Stack
    4 - 8CC of Deca

    Thanks Again Guys!

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    I forgot, I want to take the Winny orally, by drinking the injectable I have. I don't want to shoot all the time. Can I drink 50mg EOD and expect reults?


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    I just finished with some OxyFlux I got in Mexico and although Oxy used to be sh*t these were pretty good! Must have improved their product?!?

    Yes, you can drink the Winny if you don't want to shoot.

    Keep us posted on your progress!


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    I don't think 50 mg EOD is going to do much for you. I know Oxyflux used to be crap but it would be good news if they got their act together like GymChic said. Let us know your results with them. Deca is not the best drug to end a cycle with if that is one of the things you are thinking of using.

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    8cc of deca will do you no good. save the deca for another cycle. as far as the winstrol goes, shoot it. winsrol is less effective if you drink it. shoot it eod or buy another bottle and shoot ed. also, i wouldnt mix eca with clenbuteral at the same time. do clen for 2 weeks and then eca for 2 weeks. eca and clen at the same time is to much for your heart.

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