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    Check This Out Need Opinion On Cycyle!!!

    Im going to start my next cycle in a few weeks, and I got a few questions on what I should use first of all this is what I was thinking.

    1-5 75mg of a-drol
    1-12 500mg test enath.
    1-14 400mg equip.
    clomid post cycle

    I was going to use d-bol as a jump start but a-drol was cheaper, but do you guys think I should go with prop instead bc it doesnt cause so much bloat and wont kill my liver. What does everyone think about prop? What is everybodys favorite jump starter to their cycle? Im looking to gain around 25-30 pounds and be able to harden up at the end and keep atleast 20 pounds. Thanks for your opinions!

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    i'm planning on a cycle much like yours, thinking of prop to jump start i think the gains will be kept alot easier because of the life of prop (which i know is fairly short) compared to the orals, also you may hold a ton of extra water even after u quit using the orals, do u retain alot of water from enanthanate? i don't, but ev4eryone is different

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    You should use prop over the drol, D-bol would be better.
    Drol is a bit much for a first timer.
    I wouldn't go over 12 weeks for your first time either.
    10 weeks will be sufficient.

    Week 1-10 Test E 500mgs
    Week 1-10 Eq 400mgs
    Weeks 1-4 d-bol 30mgs ed
    Or you can use prop in the begining:
    Week 1-4 Prop 50mgs eod. D-bol would be better though if your looking to put on weight...

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    Is this your first cycle? What have your past cycles looked like? I'd stop the test/eq at the same time and finish up with either some prop or winny. I'd run it like this if you want to do drol at the start...

    wk 1-4 75mg anadrol ED
    wk 1-12 test e @ 500mg/wk
    wk 1-12 EQ @ 400mg/wk
    wk 13-15 prop @ 100mg EOD

    the prop will bridge the gap you would have if you waited from your last shot of eq/test before starting clomid. I'd also have some liquidex on hand to reduce bloating/in case of gyno.

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    NO, this isnt my first cycle in two previous cycles I have used d-bol, deca , test enath., a-drol all with good gains. I usually dont hold a lot of water from test enath. but I hold decent amount from d-bol and drol but not more than average. Getting winny is not an option because it is way to expensive from my source, but i could get pretty much anything else also d-bol for some reason is too expensive. Im not going to over pay. I have read that it is better to take equipose for 12-14 weeks because you have a much better chance of maintaining gains and because it takes a while to kick in. Thats why i was planning 14 weeks. I do like nj's cycle. Will prop help harden me up if I take it at the end like winny? Or should I use it at the begging in place of anadrol for a jump start?

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    i think your original cycle looks good bro.......but im partial to anadrol myself.

    the only thing i would change would be to run the enanthate a week past the eq, so they taper out at the same time.

    good luck.....

    peace bb79

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    I have to agree with bb79, test 1 week passed eq.


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