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    lose fat not muscle

    i am trying to lose some mid-body fat i am 37 6'2 215
    i lose weight pretty easy but gain mustle slowly i want to lose 4 inches
    but want to lose as little muscle as possible, i am doing it by just diet and cardio and no supplements
    my break even is 3050 cals a day right now i am getting 2100
    roughly 210grams of protein 180 carbs and 35 fat
    is 2100 too high or to low or about right keeping the muscle i have now is the most important issue

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    i think its too little. for your size thats pretty low. i would bump up the calories to 3000 and don't run. only a brisk walk on an empty stomach or post workout for 20-30 minutes. if you want to keep your muscle take your time losing the gut. easy does it.

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    Just go 500 cals below your daily calorice matanence level. For cardio just do something moderate intensity, walking at an incline, try to stay in the 60-70% MHR.


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    Im with steele it is a little too low but it really looks like you need to get more protein in escpecially when dieting to prevent muscle loss.

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