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Thread: first cycle?

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    first cycle?

    HEy there again guys. Thanks for your advice in prevoius messages. I am getting the vibe that I definetely shoul not just run a deca /d-bol stack but that i should also throw in a test somewhere. so here is what I have came up with now.

    week deca(mg/wk)d-bol(mg/d)test-e(mg/wK)
    1 100 40 500
    2 200 40 500
    3 400 40 500
    4 400 40 500
    5 400 500
    6 300 500
    7 100 500
    8 100 500

    Start clomid on week 11, 300mg first day, 100mg for 10 days, 50mg for 10 days. And have some novalcex on hand.

    This seems to be the advice I am getting from everyone (thanks again) so please check this out and see how it looks. I realize that deca may not need to be stacked but I could only get a hold of 2000 mg so this is what I have come up with. I want to keep as much as possible after the cycle so any other advice would be awesome. Thanks.

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    Don't taper!

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    Originally posted by sd11
    Don't taper!
    Agreed, also I don't think you need 40mg Dbol for your first cycle cut it down to 30mg.


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    I'd drop the deca and you have a good first cycle. More is not better, check you diet in check get plenty of rest and your good to go. Save the deca for your next cycle. You don't need more then 2 drugs in your first cycle. More drugs more sides. JMO


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    Hey bro listen to these guys, they know what there talking about its a waste to taper....i would run ur cycle like this
    week 1-4 30mg dbol
    week 1-10 500mg of test
    week1-10 300mg or 400mg of deca

    make ur first cycle count cause this will be ur best where you gain the most so wait to get some more gear goodluck

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    Juiceman has a good cycle for you keep you blood levels consistent. don't taper. You don't want a rollercoaster effect

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