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    Question Genetics and somatype

    You know Ive been seeing these pics of BB on this forum and am really suprised. Some of these guys are like 5` 6``-5` 8`` and like 175lbs, but they have bigger muscles than I do! WTF? Im 175lbs. and 5 11-6ft.I can understand the more mass on a smaller frame, but damn there is a huge difference. I mean...maby their muscles are more compact on a small frame and thus look larger, but some of these guys look fucking if they were over 200lbs.

    Also, I see some guys that weigh 200lbs. and have a long-type muscle, and they definetly dont look like what I think 200lbs. should look like. However, there is some 200lb.`ers that look exactly what I think it should look like...they have huge busting muscles. I take height into consideration, but man I think its all about genetics. The way your muscles are situated on your body and the proportion of them to your body.

    I dunno, I always thought the larger the frame the bigger the muscles or at least the bigger they can get. It seems now genetics have a HUGE roll in what you can achieve as far as LOOK. Guy "A" could be 6ft. 225 and look kinda defined and swole but not huge by any means....while guy "B" could be the same height and weight and look fucking huge and built all because his muscles are placed more proportionate or astheticly pleasing. Accomplishing something is one thig (body weight,bench,etc.) but looking like you could do it is totally different.

    All these different body types with the same stats, or smaller guys with same stats, is really messing with my head. Youthink you accomplish a goal and you`ll look a certain way...but maby not.

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    I know exactly what you mean bro. I have shitty genectics myself...but oh well, I can still outlift anyone i know

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