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    Question Estradiol Benzoate, Estradiol Enanthate ?

    ANDIOL made by sterivet contains......ESTRADIOL BENZOATE 1mg , ESTRADIOL ENANTHATE 7.5mg and TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 100mg . i know what test enanthate is but i got no idea what ESTRADIOL BENZOATE or ESTRADIOL ENANTHATE is. share some info on this.

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    Just do a Goggle search
    just enter What is Estradiol Benzoate etc or go to Web

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    You don't want it.

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    judging by the estr. part i would say it had something to do with estrogen

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    I think it's given to women w/ hormonal problems (POSTMENAPAUSE) it is an estrogen/test blend I would stay away from that stuff for real. Sounds like some stuff a friend found in his moms bathroom and called me over to see if he could take it b/c it had larger amount test/estrodiol content. Some people fiends hope this helps.
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    Can you say gyno?

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    that stuff is for horses and its primary a cure for testosterone lacking due to castration. but why they put estradiol? and what stuff is this?

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    I have made the biggest mistake anyone ever has in the history of bodybuilding.

    I am in India, and on my third round of taking Sust 250 and Deca 100, along with stanazol pills. I am always looking for other products here since it is available and cheap.

    Well, I really blew it. I bought some MIXOGEN last Monday; it was mixed in with the Sustonon 250. I though it must be something new and good, I had never heard of it, but I recognized all the good stuff in it. So I took this along with the Sustonon 250 and the deca 100. Then I got home and look at what it was. Here are the components:

    estradiol benzoate 1 mg
    estradiol phenylpropionate 4 mg
    testosterone propionate 20 mg
    testosterone phenylpropionate 40 mg
    testosterone isocaproate 40 mg
    benzyl alcohol 10% v/v

    The Estradiol Benzoate appears to be the worst thing possible I could have taken. I am very bloated, now that it is day 5 of my dumb ass mistake. I have not lost any strength, but my nipples really hurt when I sweat and I have been crying when I see touching commercials. (Kidding on the commercials thing..)

    So how long is this crap going to be in me? I have doubled up my sustonon and Deca, I have had 4 sustonon 250's and 4 deca 100s the week.


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